Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the To Avenge  film I keep hearing about?

A. To Avenge is a story I wrote a few years ago that centers around a young woman named Vera who's a recent graduate from college. She meets up with a close friend to hang out at the beach for a week in Ocean City, Maryland. After a day of adventure and an evening on the boardwalk, Vera is unaware she's been followed home. What happens next is the stuff of every woman's worst nightmares. The To Avenge story was adapted into a movie script with the help of Canadian screenwriter Erin Hazlehurst. The film is currently in pre-production and slated to begin filming in September 2019. To Avenge stars Erika Eleniak (Baywatch) Zach Galligan, (Gremlins) Kelli Maroney, (Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Bernard Robichaud, (Cyrus on Trailer Park Boys) Taylor Hay, (Yes, Virginia) Julie Kline, (Broken) supermodel and actress, Skye Stracke, National and World Champion skeet shooter, Dania Vizzi and internet celebrity, Lauren Francesca. To Avenge will be directed by Nick Belial. Visit for more information, cast news and movie updates.

Nick Belial Photography

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Nick Belial Photography - Frequently Asked Questions about our photography services including actors headshots, movie stills photography, family portraits, maternity photography, and senior portraits.


Q. What is stills photography? What does a still photographer do?

A. Stills photography involves taking production photos on movie sets. The stills photographer is responsible for taking key shots during filming, capturing action shots and behind-the-scenes images that document the production and filmmaking process as well as the interations of the cast and crew during principle photography, rehearsals, breaks, etc.  Images taken by the unit stills photographer are often used on the film's DVD cover and for marketing the film through the official website, online and print advertisements, movie posters and billboards.

Q. There are lots of photographers available... Which one should I choose?

A. Style and quality are subjective. Always take the time to review the work of several different photographers before choosing one. A photographer's portfolio serves as his resume. Look over the images in his portfolio and decide how those pictures compare to your own needs and expectations.

Q. What is the "proof gallery" that comes with my photo session?

A. Photo proofs provide a convenient way for you to review the images taken during your photo shoot. All sessions include a password-protected online gallery of proofs. After your session, you will receive a link to your private gallery where you can review select images from your session, one at a time or as part of a slideshow. Your proofs will help you decide which images are your favorites.

Your proofs may be color-adjusted or cropped to enhance their overall look, but keep in mind-- they are not your final images. Proofs are smaller in size and are not intended for making prints. The proofs you choose will be professionally retouched and sent back to you as high-resolution jpeg file images bearing the Nick Belial Photography watermark. Retouched images can be used to order prints, albums, canvas gallery wraps, metal prints and novelty items such as calendars.

Q. How long will my photo gallery proofs remain online?

A. Your photo proofs will be available online for 90 days from the date they were first posted. As soon as possible after you receive your final retouched photos, you should download each image and save them to your hard drive. It is also strongly recommended that you save a copy of your images to your choice of storage media such as a CD/DVD disc or thumbdrive. *Please note, as a courtesy to our brides and grooms, all wedding galleries will remain online for a period of one year from the date of your wedding.

Q. What are retouched images?

A. Retouching is a form of digital airbrushing. Powerful software programs allow for us to remove an unwanted object in an otherwise great picture. We can smooth skin tone, change eye color and whiten teeth, lighten or darken your hair, enhance your smile and smooth away imperfections and blemishes. All of those amazing images of magazine cover models with perfect, flawless features have been retouched. Professional retouching simply allows you to look your best, while keeping it natural.

* Note: All final images include basic retouching. Standard-level facial retouching is included at no additional charge for up to two adults per photo. Should you require retouching for additional adults in any image, the fee is $10 per face. Keep in mind, professional retouching is usually only needed for closeup portaits, modeling, or business portraits, headshots and wedding photography. While the option is available upon client request, facial-feature retouching is generally not neccessary for larger group shots. Custom and advanced retouching is available upon request.

Q. My friend recently had a photo session with a photographer and got some really cool special effects. Do you offer that?

A. We have a wide range of special effects that we can add to any image in your photo gallery that you choose to have retouched. We can add the golden glow of a sunrise, rippled reflections in water, lens flares, stormy clouds or driving rain-- to name just a few options. If you choose to have an effect added to one of your selections, you will receive two images as part of your order. Because tastes change over time, we want you to have both the original retouched and special effects versions of your image.

Q. What areas do you cover/travel to?

A. For family portrait photography, outdoor modeling sessions, engagement photo session and senior portraits, I generally invite clients to choose one of the beautiful locations I often use near the PA/DE line. There are obvious advantages to having your photographer know the location thoroughly where you'll be shooting. I have chosen these sites due to their inherent natural beauty, landscape and physical features, relaxed, low-traffic settings and accessibility. Included are parks, lush gardens, stone ruins, fountains, reflecting pools and waterfalls-- there's even an amazing 19th century, gothic architecture mansion torn from the pages of Wuthering Heights.

If you prefer to schedule a photo shoot at your location... In Pennsylvania, we cover Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County, the Quakertown and Nockamixon area along with parts of Lancaster, PA. In Delaware, we travel to the Bear, Claymont, Greenville, Middletown, Montchanin and Wilmington areas. We also regularly travel to the Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland shore points for modeling photo shoots and family portrait sessions on the beach. For destination weddings and film/still photographer assignments, we are open to all domestic and international travel. Please note that travel and accommodation fees will apply for on-location shoots.

Q. I'm 15 years old and it's my dream to get started in modeling... Can you make me a star?

A. No. I am not an agent. I am a photographer and director. As a photographer, I work with aspiring and established models-- helping them build eye-catching portfolios with dynamic depth and range that will help them get noticed by industry professionals. I mostly work with models who are 18 years of age or older. If you're a minor (anyone under 18) and want to schedule a photo session, you will need to have your parents contact me. They will need to sign a parental consent and model's release for you and must accompany you throughout your entire photo session. No exceptions.

Q. What is a watermark?  Will my images have a watermark?

A. A watermark consists of a photographer's name, studio name or logo discretely placed onto a photograph, much like an artist signs his painting. The watermark is typically found in the bottom corner of the image.  Under US law, the creator of an image (photographer) owns the rights to that image in perpetuity. The photographer's watermark is intended to prevent unauthorized reproduction of an image. Legitimate photo labs will not print a watermarked image without the photographer's written permission.

With the exception of professional headshots and movie/film production stills, every image produced for my clients bears the

Nick Belial Photography watermark.